Q: Why is Artemis only for Windows computers?

A: I'm most comfortable developing on PCs, but I want everyone to have fun with Artemis. Fans on the forums have been able to play Artemis on Macs using Wineskin. Unix guys have also had luck using Wine 1.3. In the future, I'll keep mobile devices in mind.

Q: What are the system requirements? How good does my computer have to be?

A: Well, I WOULD say that any DirectX 9 computer should be able to run it. BUT, I've had people say now that their old machines 1) have DirectX 9 and 2) can't start my game. That's probably true. My engine assumes some things like 24-bits of color and a 16-bit Z-buffer, plus basic hardware shaders (Shader Model 2.0).

However, finding out if your machine does all that and more is a waste of time. The demo is free and small. Download it and try it. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work.

Q: Why can’t my crew play over the internet, using some voice chat software?

A: I always wanted the players to be in one room together, just like a spaceship bridge. I want the captain to be able to push the helmsman aside and shout "Full power, DAMN you!!!" BUT, as a veteran game developer, I recognize that players play my game the way THEY like, not the way I like. V1.1 optimized the network code, and a server option that lets you adjust the network update speed, so Artemis plays across the internet just fine.

Q: When’s the next update?

A: V1.60 was released on 1/10/2012. I plan on updating Artemis continuously for the foreseeable future.

Q: I want bridge-to-bridge PVP combat; that’d be cool!

A: Since Version 1.1, you can now create multiple client main screens, thus creating multiple player ships on the server. Your ships are controlled by separate bridge stations, and player ships can target and attack each other.

Q: $40 bucks? Out of the question!!!!

A: The full version of Artemis is available for $40, and can be instantly downloaded. This purchase gives you the right to copy and install the game onto every computer of your bridge (up to 6). So I'm really only asking for less than $7 per bridge station ($14 if you can only find two buddies), and there's no copy protection or complicated systems or limits. I just ask that you share with your bridge crew, and not the whole world. This purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't like the game, just ask for a refund, and it will be cheerfully provided. Think of it this way; you can get every crew member to chip in $7, OR you can buy the game yourself and say, "I paid for it, so I get to be the captain!"

Q: The bridge license is for up to 6 computers, but I’ve put the game on 6 computers, and now a new buddy is replacing an old one. How can the new buddy play without breaking the 6 computer limit?

A: there's no copy protection or complicated systems or limits. I just ask that you share with your bridge crew, and not the whole world. It's okay to install your purchased game on any computer that makes up your crew. But if your crew member takes that copy and starts her own bridge crew, you should encourage her to buy her own copy.

Q: So what do you DO in Artemis? What’s the mission?

A: The Invasion Mode of Artemis lets you single-handedly save the space stations in the sector from the invading ships. When starting the mission, you can set many parameters of how the mission plays, like number of enemies, overall difficulty, sector layout, mines, nebulas, etc. It's not really like Star Trek where you have a series of challenges that form a story.

Starting with V1.4, you can create, download, and share mission files. These let you play Artemis more like a Sci-fi show, with characters, special events, and a storyline. There's a whole forum dedicated to making and trading these mission files. Check it out!

Q: Do I really need 6 players?

A: No. The game takes 3-6. There are 5 bridge stations (Helm, Weapons, Science, Engineering, and Comms). Only Helm and Weapons are REQUIRED to play and win the game. The others greatly enhance the game, but you can play without them. In fact, the free demo of Artemis only lets you play the Weapons and Helm stations.

Q: Is it possible to modify or upgrade the Artemis?

A: Well, you can replenish energy and torpedoes when you dock, and your damaged systems and shields regenerate, and the engineering station lets you shift energy and damcon between systems. Starting with V1.3, there are user-editable data files that allow stout-hearted users to change many variables about the game. But choosing a more powerful engine or shield generator at the beginning of the game, is the stuff of future upgrades. Again, if you want it, tell me so I'll know. Starting with 1.50, there's little fetch quests in the normal game. These sub-missions can upgrade the Artemis in interesting ways.

Q: How did you make this game?

A: I wrote the game in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. I already had a large amount of code to use (I've been making games for a long time), and in particular I have home-made tools that procedurally generate spaceships. For my 3D objects, I also used Deled Pro. For my audio, I used Goldwave.

Q: I can do art/programming/writing/audio. Do you need help?

A: The short answer is, no. I'm just one guy, but a very skilled and experienced guy who's happy working alone. I DO have some partners and business associates, so I'm not completely anti-social, but I move fastest by myself. Your offer is flattering, but you can best help by playing my game, giving me feedback, and participating on the forums.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Artemis?

A: Long ago, when my buddies and I all had Commodore64s (like, 25 years ago), I had an idea. I could link our computers together and play a game like the Star Trek bridge. One machine would run the simulation and the "main screen". Each other machine would be a bridge station, like Helm, Science, or Weapons. That idea has lain dormant in my brain for a very long time, but recently my muse told me "Make it. Now." So I finally did.

Q: What are all these options on the server setup screen?

Let's look at the left side of the screen: In the "This machine's address" box, you'll see something like "". This is the IP ADDRESS of the server, and it's what you type in to the client, so the client can connect to the server. If you're playing over the internet, this number may NOT be the proper number (because it could be the "internal" IP address given by a network router). There may be an "internet-facing IP" for the server machine you'll need to connect to. Under that, there's a box that lets you choose one of 5 player ships to use in the next battle. If you're playing a scripted mission, the script will choose the ship type for you. On the right side of the screen, you have several adjustable settings: - Network update speed lets you tell the server how fast to send updates to all clients. For a wired home network, this could be set very low (100 ms or less). For an internet game, try to set this higher to lighten the load on the network. - Diff level lets you choose the difficulty of a game. It affects how many enemies attack, how hard they hit you, and how efficient your ship is. - Warp Drive lets you choose between warp drive and jump drive (a more advanced and challenging form of travel). - Sensors lets you choose how far your ship (and the stations and neutral ships) can see. Invasion mode lets you switch to Mission Mode. For Invasion Mode: - Layout can choose a siege, one front, or 2 front battle. Try them all! - Sector lets you decide how many other things (nebulae, mine fields, space monsters, etc) you want in your game. - Time Limit lets you set a time limit for your next game. For Mission Mode, you can choose from the missions installed in the proper folder of your Artemis game installation. Once you've chosen your game setup, press the Start Game button to begin playing.

Q: What network ports does Artemis use?

A: TCP port 2010. This can be changed in the INI file.